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Inception: Bigger, But Not Better

title: Inception (Warner Bros.)
director: Christopher Nolan
cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard
one sentence or less: Inception, the film that proves the age-old adage that bigger isn’t necessarily better.

The time has come for Christopher Nolan to scale back. After four straight films that actually fit hyperbolic descriptors like “grandiose” and “epic,” one senses that a trend is emerging. As Nolan’s images become increasingly grand and assuredly awe-inspiring, the returns on the substantive aspects of his films are steadily diminishing. The trend, unfortunately, continues with his latest blockbuster, “Inception,” which was released this week on Blu-Ray and DVD.  Continue reading


Review: Smart People

smart peopleoriginally published in the middlebury campus

The marketing team at Miramax touted their release, Smart People as being a creation “from the makers of Sideways.” I loved Sideways so this little marketing ploy was enough to ensnare me. The problem is that when they said, “from the makers of Sideways” what they really meant was “from the producer of Sideways and also staring Thomas Hayden Church.” Well, if a studio chooses to market their film like this they are inevitably going to invite comparisons and the truth is that Smart People doesn’t hold a candle to Sideways. Continue reading