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DVD Commentaries and the Video Essay

Here’s a link to an interesting and ongoing discussion over at Girish Shambu’s blog about DVD Commentaries and the up-and-coming format of the Video Essay. An article in FILMKRANT by scholar and critic Adrian Martin provided some of the fuel to this discussion fire.

It’s a great read and includes some fascinating comments (including one by my former professor Chris Keathley) that lead to exceptional articles. I’m going to refrain from distilling all the great links here because I want to encourage all to go and read the entire post and discussion thread. But, here’s a hint: Catherine Grant at Film Studies for Free (which is also linked to on the sidebar) is where most of those great links are coming from…Peruse at your leisure.

Also, while I’m here: I watched John Huston’s “Across the Pacific” a few night’s ago on TCM. It reunites “The Maltese Falcon” stars Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, and Sidney Greenstreet and tells of espionage in the United States during the nascent days of its involvement in World War II. Understanding that the film’s plot had to be shuffled as a result of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, a question still remains: if most of the film takes place in Panama, why is it called “Across the Pacific?” The setting can be changed, why not the title?


Video: A Casablanca Query: Rick and the Glass

Here’s a quick video I did as a result of a curious moment in “Casablanca” that’s captured my attention for quite a while. I’m hoping to do more of these types of projects, so any comments on the form, format or content would be appreciated.