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Review: Jumper

jumperoriginally published in the middlebury campus

Jumper, the latest offering from indie-director turned big budget schlock merchant Doug Liman, is a mess. The story, adapted from Steven Gould’s novel, is about David Rice (Hayden Christenson, exuding all the charisma of a bowl of dehydrated potato flakes) who, at the age of thirteen, discovers he can teleport after he falls into a frozen river only to find himself moments later in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s public library. He is a Jumper, part of an elite group of people who can teleport anywhere on the planet. Wait a second; doesn’t that make him a teleporter, though? It really doesn’t matter, this film doesn’t quibble over details (or plot or characters for that matter). Anyway, Jumpers are at war with the Paladins, religious fanatics who will stop at nothing to rid the world of Jumpers. Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) is one of these Paladins. He becomes obsessed with stopping our intrepid young hero, no matter what. That about does it for plot. Continue reading