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Review: Paranoid Park

ParanoidPark(Scott-Green)WE-751176originally published in the middlebury campus

This first paragraph is going to be a bit pretentious, but bear with me. Movie titles are an important forum from which audiences can gleam information about a film; the story, a genre, or simply a mood can be pulled out of the title. It helps audiences know what they’re getting into. Every now and then, however, a film comes along whose title says more about the film’s themes than its plot; a title that retroactively seems to tell audience more about the film than reading a dozen reviews. Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park is just such a title, at once saying nothing about the film, but also evoking the youthful isolation, guilt and paranoia that are the film’s core themes. It’s a subtle feature of the film, but then again the strongest features of Paranoid Park is its amazing subtlety and the quiet grace with which it tries to capture the interior of the characters that populate it’s setting. Continue reading