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Review: The Visitor

the visitororiginally published in the middlebury campus

April is lame. I’m sorry if you have some kind of attachment to April, but it sucks. The weather is always lousy. The ground is always vaguely brown and always a bit wet. The skiing is only good for the first weekend or two. Most importantly, there is never anything good in the way of movie releases. I mean, let’s just take a look at what was released this past April: Fast and Furious, Knowing, and The Haunting in Connecticut all had their illustrious debuts that month. See what I mean? April is lame. But, if you find yourself unable to go outside and have a few free minutes might I suggest checking out a wonderful film that passed a lot of people by when it was released last April (the exception to the ‘April is lame’ rule), Thomas McCarthy’s The Visitor. Continue reading